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And the safest procedure is to stop all access to websites on that server, so they can keep data safe. We deleted all the menus, media files, comments, pages, plugins, other pre-installed themes, and posts so that every site is exactly the same except for the host powering it. Which is important to uptime because it tells visitors that your site is safe and helps the server recognize your site is secure. Imagine sitting in front of your computer, the excitement of getting started running through your veins, only to be faced with the screen above or something similar.

cheap web hosting

You can get a .com domain for just $8.88, while year-long shared hosting plans start at a thrifty price of $1.44 per month. During our research, we’ve concluded that the cheapest plans fall somewhere between $0.99 and $4 per month – these are often “shared hosting providers”. Out of around 40 hosting offers that matched these criteria, we’ve narrowed the list down to just 10 top companies that are cheap, yet still, give you all the features you might need. Furthermore, all hosting plans receive features you can’t always expect from cheap web hosts. We’re talking about a free domain, SSL certificate, backups, caching, and WordPress updates.

Monitored over almost a month, HostPapa came out with a sparkling 100% uptime result. Looking at performance metrics, HostPapa falls to the middle ground. It’s reliable and quite powerful, but servers are not the fastest. Meanwhile, I’d not consider the rest of the plans as cheap going up to $10.36/month. So performance considered, A2 Hosting definitely among the top cheap providers.

Best For Unlimited Storage

But some providers offer cheap annual and month-to-month pricing. Hostinger is another prime example of the difference between monthly and yearly rates. You can pay Hostinger upfront for four years of hosting at $1.39 per month, and you’ll still be paying less than you would for a single year with other providers.

With Hostinger on the other hand, your rate for shared hosting goes from $1.99 to just $3.99/month upon renewal. The key is finding a great deal from a reputable hosting provider, so your site’s quality, speed, and performance don’t suffer. Do you want to skip the read and get right to my top picks? The best cheap web hosting service for most people is Hostinger or DreamHost.

This could cause some slight hesitation for some users who don’t want that type of commitment. Fortunately, Eigen email don’t jump as drastically for short-term contracts—which can’t be said for other web hosting providers. This in-depth guide covers my top picks of the best cheap web hosting plans. I’ll also show you how to narrow down the best option for your website.

What is the renewal price & are there any hidden costs?

It was very beginner-friendly, with the option to skip the wizard if you’re more experienced. Onboarding Process 3/5 – Bluehost’s checkout process is simple enough and easy to follow. This includes a free domain name, saving you between $17.99 and $29.99 per year.

You also get several databases, plus a very high number of email accounts. Another way you can save money is by signing up for an annual plan. Usually, when you divide a yearly plan by 12 months, it’ll work out cheaper than a monthly subscription. That said, you’ll need to commit for longer and have less flexibility when compared to monthly plans. Having a hosting plan quadruple in price at renewal time is an issue you might want to think about if you’re looking for a long-term relationship with a host.

Premium Hosting

Get everything you need for your new website as well as solid site speeds and an easy onboarding process for the lowest rates available. There’s no better way to stretch your dollar than hosting your site with Hostinger. By purchasing a website hosting package, you’re buying space our servers. It’s similar to the space on the hard drive of a computer, and the being on our server allows your website files to be accessed from anywhere. Once you purchase a Web hosting plan, we store your site on our servers and assign it a unique DNS.

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